Scrap Go Between toll for good: RACQ

RACQ has called on Brisbane City Council and Transurban to permanently remove tolls on the Go Between Bridge for all motorists from mid-2021, when the Victoria Bridge became car-free as part of the Brisbane Metro construction.

The Brisbane Times reported Brisbane City Council and toll company Transurban would share the toll expense while construction of the Brisbane Metro Cultural bus station got underway, but would only offer free tolls for residents in South Brisbane.

Club spokesperson Paul Turner said no motorist should have to pay the price for the inconvenience of cars no longer being able to access the Victoria Bridge.

“Making the Go Between Bridge toll free will reduce demand on William Jolly Bridge when construction of the Brisbane Metro is underway and when Victoria Bridge becomes a green bridge,” Mr Turner said.

“We understand this comes at a cost to the ratepayer, but the fact is the Go Between Bridge is a ghost town and generates very little revenue anyway. As a toll bridge, it’s a complete dud.

“Traffic volumes on the Go Between Bridge dropped by 4.7 percent to 11,000 vehicles per day last year, so it’s clear drivers don’t see the value in paying for this link.

“It’s the shortest toll way in the country and the most expensive for its length, it’s no wonder traffic volumes are dropping.”

Cars currently paid $3.29 toll to cross the Go Between Bridge, while light commercial vehicles paid as much as $4.94.