Don’t make these packing mistakes

The State’s peak motoring body has urged motorists to ensure their cars were packed correctly before they set off on holiday road trips.

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said Queensland law required loads to be properly secured.

“Holidays are a great opportunity to try out the new bikes or kayak you got for Christmas,” Ms Hunter said.

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“What we don’t want, is for your load to come off and cause a serious traffic crash.

“Aside from injuring yourself or someone else, you could be slapped with a fine for loads that fall off cars and trailers. You could also be fined if your load’s in danger of falling off, or if it obscures your number plate.”

Ms Hunter said motorists also needed be careful not to overpack the inside of their vehicles.

“Anyone who’s driven on the highway has seen a car packed to the ceiling with everything stuffed in including the kitchen sink,” she said.

“But overloading the inside of your car is a big no-no. It means you don’t have a clear view of any traffic behind you, or any incident where you might need you to take some evasive action to avoid a collision.

“The driver behind you should always be able to see your rear-view mirror – and ignorance of the road rules is not a valid excuse if you get pulled over.

“Don’t forget, if you’re heading off on a big road trip, after you’ve ensured everything is secured, check that you have the appropriate Roadside Assistance cover.”