Trust your gut and hang up: RACQ

As more Queenslanders fall victim to car crash scammers, RACQ has urged everyone to hang up the phone on dodgy callers.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAiC) reported more than 1.5 million Queenslanders have been targeted by car crash scammers.

“Car crash scammers are becoming more sophisticated by using voices with Australian accents and pretending to be from insurers like RACQ. Once they’ve lured you in, they ask for your personal information and push you to lodge a claim from a recent car accident,” Ms Ross said. 

“This predatory behaviour has seen thousands of Queenslanders give up their personal information to international criminals who then sell it onto third parties. 

“Despite recent legislation criminalising this behaviour, many Queenslanders are still falling for these tactics and are putting their personal privacy at risk.”

While the new legislation does punish claim farmers and third parties who purchase private information, Ms Ross urged Queenslanders to not get complacent.

“It’ll take time for this legislation to have an impact, so we’re still seeing reports of claim farming negatively affecting Queenslanders,” she said. 

“If you receive a phone call from somebody asking if you’ve been in a crash recently, claiming they’re from your insurance company or promising a large payout if you lodge a claim, hang up immediately.

“Submit an online report on the MAiC website and help stop claim farmers in their tracks.”