Fill up the tank before cheap fuel disappears

RACQ has encouraged motorists to fill up the tank before cheap fuel all but disappeared in Brisbane, as rising prices coincided with travel restrictions being lifted within Queensland.

Club spokesperson Renee Smith said half of the retailers in Greater Brisbane were still selling unleaded petrol (ULP) for a cheap price of 105 cents per litre (cpl) or less.

“Unfortunately it’s just bad timing that the expensive phase of the price cycle is approaching at the same time we can travel more,” Ms Smith said.

“The latest average in Brisbane 113.2cpl, but cheap fuel is becoming less available, which is why motorists need to get in and fill up the tank as soon as possible.

“About a third of sites have already hiked their prices, many outlets are already charging 135.9 cents per litre.

“At the moment there is still plenty of cheap fuel available on Brisbane’s southside, with higher prices more prominent in the northern and bayside suburbs.”

Ms Smith said if motorists did need to fill up the tank, they should use the information available to make an informed decision.

“Don’t just fill up wherever, use apps like the RACQ Fair Fuel Finder to fill up for the best price possible,” she said.

“You really can save hundreds of dollars every year by taking the time to do a little research.”