Pack your patience for border gridlock: RACQ

RACQ has warned motorists to expect lengthy delays at the border crossing as police navigated the processes to ensure those entering Queensland were allowed.

Club spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said delays were likely to be extensive in the beginning as teething issues were resolved.

“Police have been doing a fantastic job at the border checkpoints and are working on new processes, but it’s impossible to predict how much traffic we’ll see coming from other States,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Drivers should treat this like any other traffic jam we anticipate on long weekends or school holidays. It’s about allowing extra travel time, packing your patience, and reminding yourself this is about the safety of everyone.

“We look forward to hearing more detail about how the border controls will work to ensure people have a realistic view of how long they may be delayed.

“We know people who live on the border and regularly commute to Brisbane are experiencing delays of up to an hour on top of their normal journey.”

Ms Ritchie reminded anyone entering Queensland from another State they would have to fill in a border declaration, to ensure they had not been to Victoria in the last 14 days.

“Anyone who has travelled to Victoria will be prevented from entering Queensland, or will have to quarantine at a hotel for two weeks at their own cost,” she said.

“Remember, anyone who lies on their border declaration risks a fine of up to $4000.”