Parking pain

The State’s peak motoring body has reminded drivers of a little-known parking rule that had delivered infringements to residents near the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in Herston.

RACQ Principal Traffic and Safety Engineer Greg Miszkowycz said an RACQ member had contacted the Club after they received a fine for not parking parallel to the road, a rule which applied across Queensland.

“It’s a blanket rule across the State that you must park parallel to the road – unless otherwise signed,” Mr Miszkowycz said.

“So, if there are no signs suggesting you should park at an angle for example, and you do – you could cop a ticket.”

Mr Miszkowycz said it was best to apply this rule to all parking situations unless there were signs or pavement markings that stipulated otherwise.

“The last thing you want is to return to your car to see a ticket flapping on the windscreen – especially if you thought you were legally parked,” he said.

“Even if you see other cars parking a certain way, don’t follow suit unless you see the signage confirming it’s correct – parking officers won’t take that for an excuse.”

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Mr Miszkowycz said other parking rules that caught drivers out included parking near bus stops and intersections.

“While most people know you shouldn’t park at a bus stop, the no stopping zone actually applies 20 metres before and ten metres after the bus stop,” he said.

“You should also never park or stop within 20 metres of an intersection with signals, or within 10 metres of unsignalised intersections.”

Mr Miszkowycz reminded motorists not to park on nature strips, footpaths or traffic islands as these could result in fines.

“In some cases, it might seem as though parking on a nature strip would allow more space for passing vehicles on the street – but this is illegal,” he said.

“Look carefully for signage that indicates how you should park, before you leave your vehicle, and check you’re not within a restricted zone like the Brisbane Central Traffic Area.”

Mr Miszkowycz said anyone concerned about a fine they believed was issued incorrectly should contact Council.