Get into the habit of savvy shopping: RACQ

RACQ has again reminded motorists of their purse power when buying fuel, as figures revealed the rising cost of petrol was up to 10 times more than the average wage increase. reported analysis by comparison website showed, across the country, in the year to October, the average fuel price had skyrocketed by 20.7 percent.

“We know fuel’s one of the largest family expenses for Queenslanders and these hikes are really punishing drivers at the hip pocket,” RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said.

“A combination of global oil prices and the falling Australian dollar is largely to blame for expensive fuel, but as those factors ease – like we’ve seen in the past month – it’s disappointing many fuel companies aren’t passing the savings onto drivers.

“This is why it’s so important to use price comparison sites, like RACQ’s Fair Fuel Price, to find out the price you should be paying and where the cheapest places to fill up are located. And if you’re in the south east, make sure you pay attention to where the price cycle is at.”

Ms Ross urged drivers to be savvy before they visited the bowser, ahead of the real-time fuel price trial which would begin next month.

“This trial will see all servos publish their prices which means we’ll know exactly which retailer is playing fair and which ones to avoid,” she said.

“Always fill up where it’s cheap because that’ll force greater competition in the market.”

Drivers could check the fuel price in their area at RACQ’s Fair Fuel Price website.