Easter road toll “devastating”

The State’s peak motoring body has issued an urgent safety warning following a devastating number of deaths on Queensland roads over the Easter long weekend.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said more than four lives were lost over the long weekend.

“It’s a devastating start to the school holidays which is meant to be a wonderful time for families. Our road toll is up by nine when compared to the same time last year,” Ms Ritchie said.

“School holidays are a high-risk time for crashes with thousands of families expected to hit the road over the next fortnight.

“It only takes a split second for a family to be ripped apart.”

Ms Ritchie warned drivers to make smart choices on the road.

“The truly devastating part to the road toll is the vast majority of deaths are preventable. Speeding, drink and drug driving, not buckling up and driving while tired or distracted are a deadly cocktail,” she said.

“Simple things, like taking lots of breaks if you are going on a long journey and watching your speed can make the world of difference.

“It’s far more important to arrive a bit late to your destination than not to arrive at all.”

The current road toll stood at 66 deaths.