Driver licence discounts: older drivers won’t miss out

The State’s peak motoring body has corrected reports older drivers were ineligible for cheaper multi-year licences in Queensland.

The reminder came after RACQ received multi-inquiries from concerned members who incorrectly believed they must purchase a new licence every year after the age of 75.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie clarified that while drivers over 75 years old must obtain an annual medical certificate every 13 months, they were not required to get a new driver licence every year.

“All drivers must have valid licences, but you don’t need to get a new one every year once you’re over 75, as long as your existing licence isn’t out of date,” Ms Ritchie said.

Ms Ritchie said older motorists could benefit from a significant discount if they purchased a five-year licence rather than a one-year licence.

“Paying for a one-year licence every year is more than double the cost of buying the five-year licence outright, so it’s worth looking into,” she said.

“Even if you’re unsure whether you’ll be driving in five years, it actually pays to purchase for the long-term.”

Ms Ritchie said it was worth noting that motorists who did not remain driving for the duration of the licence were eligible for a refund.

“If you purchase a five-year licence but cease driving after just two years, for example, you are entitled to a refund for the years you don’t use,” she said,

Ms Ritchie said it was important to have the conversation with friends or family members about when was the right time to hang up the keys.

“It is a delicate conversation to have to have, but when it comes to the safety of your loved ones and all road users, it is one we can’t ignore,” she said.

“You might find our Older Driver Self-Assessment Questionnaire helpful. The Questionnaire helps to identify a range of issues including safe driving and gives you a score based on your responses.”’