How much does your car really cost you?

It’s now officially cheaper to own and operate an SUV in Queensland, than it is a large family sedan, according to RACQ’s latest vehicle running costs survey.

RACQ’s latest Vehicle Running Costs survey examined a record 137 popular vehicles across 20 categories – taking into account all expenses associated with normal car ownership including purchase price, interest, fuel, new tyres, servicing, insurance and depreciation.

Coming in at just over $5000 per year, the micro Suzuki Celerio was named the cheapest car to run for the second consecutive year – the electric Tesla Model X 75D, a new addition to the survey, was the most expensive at $25,141.

At $9735 per year, the Mazda CX5 medium sized SUV is now $1522 cheaper to own and operate than the Holden Commodore Evoke sedan.

RACQ’s Steve Spalding said the report proved drivers could save significantly by downsizing or switching to a different category of vehicle.

“Motorists can save a lot by making informed choices about what they’re actually getting for their money when buying a car,” Mr Spalding said.

“If you swap a large vehicle for a small car, you’ll have around an extra $100 a week in your pocket. Similar savings can be made by opting for a car with lower ownership costs.”