New advert confronts drivers on risks of fatigue

The Automobile Association’s Drowsy Driver campaign, released this week, showed how fatigue could sneak up on a driver and the consequences.

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RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said RACQ research, which found more than a third of drivers admitted to driving while tired, reiterated the dangers of sleepy drivers.

“This new ad reminds us why fatigue’s one of the Fatal Five and one of the major causes for serious crashes in Queensland – we also know driving tired can be a killer,” Ms Hunter said.

“But unfortunately, many drivers continue to run the gauntlet and push themselves to drive tired.”

Ms Hunter urged drivers to take a break and to manage their fatigue.

“Some sleepy motorists will try coffee, energy drinks, cold air or loud music help them stay awake, but these are short-term and unreliable options,” she said.

“The only real solution for being tired is to stop driving and get a good rest.”