Flooded roads for dummies – why you shouldn’t risk it!

As more and more roads went under water across north Queensland and the monsoon system spread to other parts of the State, RACQ has reminded motorists to adhere to the well-worn message, ‘if it’s flooded forget it’.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said more than 130 roads across the north were flooded, and as the weather system extended to the central and central west regions, further roads would be impacted.

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“This weather event is evolving rapidly, and other parts of the State will cop heavy falls which will likely mean more road closures,” Ms Ross said.

“Regardless of the amount and the speed of water, when you have floodwaters running over a road, it means the integrity of the road can be at risk, and absolutely should not be driven on.

“You just never know what’s happening to the road beneath when it’s been covered by water. Flood waters can quickly cause large potholes and sections of roads to wash away.

“If you drive a small car or a large four-wheel drive, you risk being swept away if you attempt to drive through water.

“You might be familiar with the road, but floodwaters are unpredictable so you’re entering unknown territory if you risk driving through – even shallow water can be strong enough to lift a car.”

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Ms Ross said it was important drivers obeyed road closure and warning signs, even if it looked as though floodwaters had subsided.

“Not only do you risk your life and the lives of emergency service workers if you do become stranded, you could also do huge damage to your car, and potentially void your insurance if you’ve deliberately ignored warnings,” she said.

“If a road has been flooded recently, it’s vital we give authorities time to inspect it before travelling on it again.

“Please use common sense when driving while floodwaters persist. We don’t want to see any more people stranded and we don’t want people having to shell out their hard-earned cash to repair something completely avoidable.”

Floodwaters would continue to be an issue in coming days and RACQ advised drivers to visit RACQ’s Road Conditions website for the latest updates.