RACQ LifeFlight on hand to help Rocky

RACQ LifeFlight’s helicopter, jet and air-medical crews have been deployed to Central Queensland to assist with the transfer of patients as the emergency flood effort focus switches to Rockhampton.

With Rockhampton Airport closed yesterday, movement of critically ill patients in and out of the city is expected to become more difficult.

RACQ LifeFlight Chief Operations Officer Brian Guthrie said the leading air medical provider had moved swiftly to assist after a request from Retrieval Services Queensland and Queensland Health.

“It’s very important for Queensland Health to be able to create an ‘air bridge’ for priority patients in and out of Rockhampton over the next seven days and RACQ LifeFlight is well positioned with the services and infrastructure to respond to this emergency with a full aviation and medical crew, including an emergency-trained doctor and paramedic,” Mr Guthrie said.

Mr Guthrie said the helicopter and air ambulance jet, sponsored by RACQ, would give Central Queensland patients access to a higher level of care at hospitals in the south east if they needed it.

“RACQ LifeFlight has been there to respond to community needs in many floods in the past including Brisbane (2011) and Bundaberg (2013) and we believe we excel in these situations to help to save lives and provide ill patients with care in their hour of need,” he said.