Better infrastructure needed before bullet train

RACQ has dismissed a proposal to use retired Japanese bullet trains for high speed rail between the Gold Coast and Brisbane, and instead called on governments to get on with delivering current projects.

Gold Coast Bulletin reported there were new calls to lobby for Japan’s old trains and tracks to be used to help ease congestion on south east Queensland roads.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said while it was an interesting concept, it could bring more problems than any good.

“Retrofitting bullet trains is likely to be extremely expensive and may cause further up and down stream issues, with commuters unable to easily connect with other transport options,” Dr Michael said.

“What we really need are frequent, reliable and interconnected public and active transport options to help get everyone where they need to be.” 

Dr Michael said the proposal highlighted the need for critical projects to be delivered and a public transport authority to be established.

“We need to see other projects progress across the entire south east, including the Stage 3A of the Gold Coast light rail, the Beerburrum to Nambour rail duplication, Cross River Rail and Brisbane Metro,” she said.

“Once again, this illustrates why a single public transport authority is critical to planning long term projects and integrating advanced technologies, so we have a network that meets our needs now and into the future.”

RACQ’s full list of transport priorities were detailed in Mobility Matters