The popular riverwalk where 'Slow for Sam' signs could be installed

RACQ has thrown its support behind a Brisbane City Councillor’s to move to investigate new ways to manage speeding cyclists, scooters and skateboarders along the busy Newstead and New Farm Riverwalk.

The Village News reported Councillor for Hamilton Ward David McLachlan has asked Brisbane City Council officers to consider installing speed awareness monitors, similar to the popular ‘Slow for Sam’ signs seen on council roads.

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said the Club supported an investigation by the Active Transport Committee to trial ‘Slow for Sam’ signs on the Riverwalk, provided they were able to detect and measure user speeds effectively.

“We know cyclists and scooter riders can get up to fairly high speeds on these paths and if they crash with a pedestrian or other rider there’ll be injuries,” Ms Hunter said.

“Managing speeds between pedestrians and those on wheels in busy areas would ensure everyone could get to where they were going safely and minimise that chance of collision.

“Regardless of whether monitoring devices are installed, we ask that all riders and pedestrians obey the rules by walking and riding safely on all paths.”

Ms Hunter said the Club has previously called for cycling improvements along Newstead Avenue and Newstead Terrace, to minimise crashes between higher speed cyclists and pedestrians.

“We believe Council should improve these routes for cyclists by reviewing the Principal Cycle Network to plan and deliver formal bicycle facilities along Newstead Terrace and Avenue.”

Council could also consider imposing speed geofencing for shared e-scooters services and improved behaviour management through path markings and signage to further influence behaviour and separate users more effectively.