Businesses could help drive move to EVs

RACQ has welcomed the Federal Government’s focus on encouraging businesses to buy electric vehicles (EVs) as it would bolster the second-hand market and prompt more drivers to try the emerging technology.

The Federal Government’s Future Fuels Strategy Discussion Paper outlined millions of dollars could be spent to support private companies to take up EVs and install charging infrastructure for staff.

Club spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said because commercial vehicle fleets were replaced regularly, the scheme would help private motorists access cheaper second-hand EVs.

“More than half of Australians are considering an EV as their next car but we know these cars are still considerably more expensive compared to petrol and diesel vehicles,” Ms Ritchie said.

“If this new technology is rolled out widely across businesses, not only will it help familiarise drivers and give them confidence in the new cleaner, greener vehicles, but the flow of ex-fleet EVs into the resale market will drive down prices.

“Around three quarters of cars purchased are used models, so having more EVs in the second-hand market means more people can buy them, which will help prevent Australia falling further behind other countries in terms of emerging technologies.”

Ms Ritchie urged fleet owners to consider their company’s driving needs before taking up a hybrid or EV.

“Businesses need to not only assess which vehicles meet their demands, but also which cars will resell well – for example last year SUVs were highly sought after,” she said.

“We also need governments and energy companies to work together to streamline advice to businesses for the installation of charge points and support the roll out of infrastructure.

“This new plan could take a few years to implement, so we urge the Queensland Government to lead the way in supporting private car buyers by introducing a 30 percent reduction in annual registration costs on new and used low emission cars to encourage faster uptake.”

RACQ would roll out EV chargers across its commercial property assets this year for use by staff. The Club also sponsors the longest electric vehicle superhighway in the world throughout Queensland.