Where do our car lovers live?

Logan residents own more vehicles on average than families in many other Queensland local government areas according to an RACQ study.

Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said the Club’s Transport Behaviour Survey found Logan locals had on average 2.27 cars per household, which was significantly higher than Brisbane’s 1.78 cars per household.

“Our survey also found almost 70 percent of Logan residents used their car to commute – which is quite high compared to those in Brisbane where only 35 percent drove to work,” Dr Michael said.

“Interestingly, more than half of Logan residents said they chose to live in the area because of affordability but the costs of owning multiple cars can also get quite expensive.”

Dr Michael said Logan residents would feel the financial burden of car ownership, especially considering the rising cost in registration and licence fees.

“Queenslanders pay some of the highest transport costs in the country and all these will be compounded in the Logan area because of the extra added car ownership,” she said.

Dr Michael said investment in better public transport options would help to ease such a heavy reliance on vehicle transport during peak times.

“We need to have an integrated public transport network and look at providing more frequent, reliable, and better-connected services.” she said.

“RACQ supports the trialling of more effective and efficient public transport options like demand responsive transport and encourages community members to give them a go.”