Climate change protests to impact CBD

Brisbane commuters were likely to be thrown into peak hour chaos on Tuesday morning as climate change activists planned another protest in the city.

The Extinction Rebellion group planned to meet in front of Parliament House on George Street at 7.30am and march to 1 William Street.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said commuters should expect intermittent road closures during the procession.

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“In past protests the group has blocked traffic for up to ten minutes at a time so we may well see a similar situation again in the morning,” Ms Ritchie said.

“The good news for commuters is the march should be isolated to George, Alice and Margaret Streets in the CBD as protestors makes their way from Parliament House to 1 William Street.

“If you can avoid that area tomorrow do so, otherwise allow extra time or opt for public transport.

“If you do get caught in any traffic, keep your patience in check and let work know you’ll be running a little late.”

Motorists could keep across the traffic situation on RACQ’s Road Conditions website.