Is your battery hot weather ready?

With high temperatures predicted across Queensland later this week, the State’s peak motoring body has urged motorists to check their battery was ready for the heatwave.

Brisbane Times reported parts of the south east would hit the high 30s on Friday, with Ipswich predicted to reach 38 degrees, and the mercury could reach above 40 degrees in the north west.

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said extreme heat was one of the biggest killers of batteries in Queensland.

“If your car’s battery is already getting towards the end of its life, these hot conditions won’t do it any favours,” Mr Spalding said.

“If it’s hot outside, the temperature under your bonnet will be even higher, which accelerates battery degradation.

“Keep an eye out for the warning signs that your car might need a new battery, like it being slow to start. If you do a lot of short trips where the battery doesn’t have sufficient time to fully recharge, you might want to consider getting a smart battery charger and recharging on a regular basis.”

Mr Spalding said it was also a timely reminder to check your vehicle’s servicing was up to date.

“During summer, cooling and air-conditioning systems are working harder, so it’s important you get your car regularly serviced to prevent costly repairs down the track.”