RACQ backs new tech to bust bridge strikes

RACQ has welcomed Queensland Rail’s move to trial new technology to help reduce the number of bridge strikes in the south east, after nearly 70 incidents were recorded this year.

Nine News Queensland reported a new $1.85 million beam structure was being placed metres back and slightly lower than a bridge in Rocklea. It would be fitted with motion sensors and monitored by CCTV to alert Queensland Rail if a vehicle hit.

Club spokesperson Renee Smith said RACQ was supportive of any measures preventing rail bridge strikes.

“Bridge strikes can cause major disruptions to the road and rail networks and we often see that happen across Queensland when someone misjudges the height of the bridge,” Ms Smith said.

“It’s also a serious safety issue for commuters and bystanders.

“Hopefully this technology will improve response times when crashes do happen, as Queensland Rail will be notified almost immediately.

“We also support flashing active warning signs to alert drivers their vehicle is over the height, so they can take an appropriate detour.

“Better education for drivers is also needed, especially for those who hire larger vehicles.”

Ms Smith urged motorists to be aware of the height of their vehicle before setting out on a journey and to be on the lookout for low bridge warning signs.

“It’s worth checking those details, particularly if you’re travelling somewhere you’re unfamiliar with,” she said.

“It could save you damage to your vehicle and a lot of traffic chaos for commuters.”