Fill up now – it’s the last cheap fuel before Xmas

The State’s peak motoring body has urged motorists in the south east to fuel the tank today, warning a petrol price hike could see prices reach a high of 150 cents per litre (cpl) before Christmas.

The south east Queensland unleaded petrol (ULP) market yesterday entered the cheap phase of the price cycle with 44 percent of Brisbane’s service stations selling ULP for 130cpl, or less.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said with a price rise expected before Christmas, drivers needed to take advantage of low prices while they were still available.

“Motorists across the south east need to fuel the tank now before it’s too late. We don’t know how long this cheap phase will last,” Ms Smith said.

“If you hold off filling up you’ll be disappointed. It’s likely servos will commence a price hike in the lead up to Christmas.”

Ms Smith said drivers in Brisbane and Moreton Bay had access to the most competitively priced fuel in the region.

“There’s plenty of cheap fuel around Brisbane, and some servos in Moreton Bay are selling ULP for as low as 129cpl,” she said.

“In Ipswich and on the Gold Coast, the average ULP price is slightly higher, but drivers should still take advantage of cheap petrol and fill up.

“Although some servos on the Sunshine Coast are lagging behind the pack, more than 40 percent are selling at 133cpl or less so fill up.”

Motorists should visit for information on the cheapest prices in their area.