Commuters calling out for reliable, frequent public transport

RACQ has renewed its calls for the State Government to develop an integrated public transport authority, as new research revealed commuters in the south east were dissatisfied with the reliability, frequency and value of services.

It came as The Courier Mail reported the latest annual passenger survey by public transport advocates Rail Back On Track revealed half of rail passengers rated the frequency of trains as poor or very poor, along with four in 10 bus commuters.

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RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said the Club’s own research had also identified the public did not see the public transport network as providing adequate services or good value.

“Queenslanders tell us the most common reasons they avoid public transport are because there aren’t services available in their area, there are poor timetables, or multiple connections make it too much of a hassle,” Ms Ross said.

“The longer it takes to fix the network, the more people will turn to using their cars, which is a very difficult behaviour to change.

“If the public transport network doesn’t improve, we will see congestion continue to grow and reduce residents’ quality of life.”

RACQ called on the State Government to acknowledge the evidence and immediately establish an Integrated Public Transport Authority to deliver a reliable and integrated public transport network for Queenslanders.