New school changes class times to ease congestion

RACQ has welcomed a move by a new Brisbane school to alter its start and finish times in a bid to manage potential traffic chaos across the city.

Courier Mail reported Fortitude Valley State Secondary College, to open in 2020, would commence classes at 9.30am four days a week to avoid clashing with peak hour traffic. 

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Richie said while the Club supported the shift, it recommended the school install a 40km/h school zone and apply for an exemption to the standard school zone operating hours.

“Queenslanders know a reduced 40km/h speed limit is in place around schools across the State between 7am and 9am, and 2pm and 4pm on school days, but as operating hours changes, so too does the need for individual school zones,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Children can be unpredictable so it’s important a lower speed limit is put in place at the right time to ensure drivers can exercise caution as they travel through this area. 

“We’d hope the installation of flashing school zone signs would help everyone transition.”

Ms Ritchie said the Club also commended the school for encouraging parents and students to consider active and public transport.

“Schools are busy places, particularly during pick up and drop off times, and spreading the load across different transport modes will come with many benefits,” she said.

“Getting more kids on buses, bikes, scooters or walking will help take more mums, dads and carer’s cars off the roads and ease gridlock around these areas.

“Congestion is a problem right across Brisbane so we’re pleased to see places like schools be proactive in helping manage it.”