Animal strike warning for SEQ drivers

Queensland drivers have been urged to watch out for cows, kangaroos and other wildlife after reports of increased animal sightings by busy roadsides in south east Queensland.

The Queensland Times said police had been alerted to numerous incidents of cows feeding by the roadside in the dry conditions in Somerset in recent days creating hazards for drivers. 

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said with drought conditions being felt across the state there were likely to be an increase in animal strikes due to livestock and wildlife venturing further for food.  

“If you see wildlife or farm animals feeding alongside or on the road, make sure to slow down and move past only when you’re safely able to do so,” Ms Ritchie said. 

“Hitting a cow, kangaroo or any other animal can cause major damage to your vehicle and potentially severe injuries to you and your passengers, not to mention the animal as well.

“It’s impossible to predict how animals will behave on or near a road, which is why drivers must be cautious and drive at a speed that allows them to avoid wildlife safely.”

Ms Ritchie urged drivers not to make any evasive manoeuvres to avoid a crash with an animal. 

“Animals are most active at dawn and dusk, so make sure you’re paying extra attention during these periods and reduce your speed where safe to do so,” she said. 

“They can also ‘freeze’ in headlights, so make sure that you plan to stop your vehicle rather than relying on the animal running off the road.

“If you are involved in a collision with wildlife, make sure that you call your insurer as soon as is safely possible and take plenty of photos to help the claim process.”