Thousands of deadly Takata cars on Qld roads

RACQ has urged Queensland motorists not to risk lives by driving cars with faulty Takata airbags more than two and a half years after the worldwide recall was issued.

It came after Office of Fair Trading inspections at second-hand motor dealers, auction houses and wreckers across the State revealed 105 vehicles were still fitted with faulty Takata airbags.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner urged drivers and car dealers to do the right thing and have vehicles with faulty airbags repaired.

“Car yards also have no excuse to sell these dangerous vehicles, so we urge dealers to make sure they’re not on selling a deadly problem,” Mr Turner said.

“If you’re worried you’ve recently bought a car with a dodgy Takata airbag, it’s easy to check for yourself online.”

Mr Turner said Takata airbags were responsible for 350 injuries and 32 deaths around the world including one in Australia.

“It’s disappointing there’s still more than 2200 cars on the road with these dodgy airbags, but at this point motorists only have themselves to blame,” he said.

“For two years we’ve been calling for drivers to get their vehicles checked and repaired - if not for themselves then for the safety of others.

“These Takata airbags are ticking timebombs which could go off at any time and kill or seriously injure yourself or others, so it beggars belief there’re so many still on the road.

Check online so you know your vehicle is safe.”