Car seat recalled after crash test fail

A child seat RACQ called out after it catastrophically failed a safety test by the Child Restraint Evaluation Program (CREP) has been voluntarily recalled by its manufacturer.

Joie advised, following news it received the lowest possible one-star safety rating, for consumers to immediately stop using Joie i-Travvel car seat and return it to its place of purchase for an exchange, credit or refund.

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding commended Joie for taking action to protect consumers after RACQ revealed the rating was to the media.

“We’re pleased to see urgent action has been taken on a product that fell far short of our expectations when it came to safety,” Mr Spalding said.

“If you have one of these restraints, please return it as soon as possible to protect your child.”

Mr Spalding said the convertible child seat failed the test in the forward-facing position after the crash test child dummy was catapulted out of the restraint upon impact.

“In its rear-facing mode, the child restraint offers four-star protection, but during its forward-facing test, in Isofix mode, the restraint straps sheared away from the casing causing the child dummy to be ejected,” he said.

“In a real crash scenario such a failure would have deadly consequences.”

RACQ is a partner of the Child Restraint Evaluation Program which exists to help consumers make safer child restraint choices.