Record breaker: Historic month for new car sales

June has gone down in the history books for the most number of new cars sold in Australia in a single month, with Queensland vehicle sales up by 5.5 percent.

Statistics released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, 134,171 new vehicles were sold in June, an increase of 4.4 percent on the previous best.

Toyota led the way by selling more than 24,000 vehicles with the HiLux remaining the country’s top-selling vehicle with 5,461 sales.

RACQ’s Russell Manning said it was a real positive that Australians had splashed cash on new cars.

“With new vehicles comes better technology and the most innovative safety features so it’s encouraging to see strong sales in the Australian market,” Mr Manning said.

“It also creates a positive domino effect. People tend to trade in their old cars when they purchase a new vehicle which supplements the used car market and allows people access to newer used models.

“The highly competitive market, low interest rates and the Government’s instant asset write-off provisions have likely played a part in the record June 2017 results.”

Top 10 cars in June 2017

Toyota HiLux 5461 up 18.4 percent
Ford Ranger 5051 up 23.8 percent
Toyota Corolla 3830 down 13.5 percent
Hyundai Tucson 3741 (new model) N/A
Mazda3 3490 down 15.1 percent
Hyundai i30 3471 down 46 percent
Toyota Camry 3191 up 4.7 percent
Mitsubishi Triton 2995 up 4.8 percent
Mazda CX-5 2487 down 5.9 percent
Toyota RAV4 2460 up 17.8 percent

Top 10 brands in June 2017

Toyota 24,546 up 11.2 percent
Mazda 12,501 up 0.4 percent
Hyundai 12,251 down 0.4 percent
Holden 9273 down 18.5 percent
Mitsubishi 9266 up 6.2 percent
Ford 8853 up 6.5 percent
Kia 6737 up 30.3 percent
Nissan 6690 down 1.3 percent
Volkswagen 6447 up 8.7 percent
Honda 5412 up 2.8 percent

Source: Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries. June sales compared to the same month last year.