Tow truck cowboys lassoed by new laws

Dodgy tow truck operators will no longer be able strongarm motorists into paying exorbitant fees to release their vehicles, under new laws to be passed on Monday.

RACQ has applauded recommendations made by inquiry head and retired judge Michael Forde, which could render the deceptive business model illegal in Queensland.

Among the recommendations made, tow truck operators would have charges capped to $250 for each standard job from a private property, factoring in up to 72 hours of vehicle storage and $25 per day cap on storage fees for cars left in compounds beyond three days.

RACQ’s Steve Spalding said the proposal was both practical and reasonable for all parties involved and adopted proposals made to the inquiry by the State’s peak motoring body.

“This industry has been getting away with highway robbery for far too long, every day motorists are being taken for a ride,” Mr Spalding said.

“We put forward a raft of recommendations and it’s very pleasing to see the inquiry has Palaszczuk Government signs off on these laws on Monday.”