The drive through habit that could get you fined

RACQ has warned drivers a common method of payment for their favourite fast food could result in a big fine.

The advice came after Victorian Police posted a Facebook quiz which revealed motorists could be slapped with an infringement notice for using their phone to pay for take-away when at a drive-through.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said, like Victoria, it was also illegal for Queensland drivers to use a hand-held phone unless the vehicle was parked.

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“In Queensland a drive-through is considered a ‘road-related’ area which means road rules apply and a vehicle has to be parked, not just stationary, before you hold your phone,” Ms Ritchie said.

“If drivers are going to use their phone to pay, they must ensure they fully comply with the law for mobile phone use or they risk a $400 fine and three demerit points.

“While police patrolling fast food outlets is unlikely to be a top priority it is still a road rule drivers need to be aware of.”

Ms Ritchie reminded drivers of the dangers of being distracted by mobile phones while behind the wheel.

“Even if you’re in a drive-through moving at low speed it’s still essential you stay focused on what you’re doing and leave the phone alone,” she said.

“If you’re distracted by a phone, you’re at least four times more likely to have a crash. That’s why we’re urging motorists to set their phone to Do Not Disturb while driving, to remove distraction and temptation.”