M1 upgrade and alternative a must, but no toll: RACQ

RACQ has rejected calls from Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate for a privately funded alternative M1 to be tolled, saying it would discourage motorists from using the road.

Courier Mail has reported under Cr Tate’s proposal, State and Federal governments would each contribute 25 percent of the total cost of the alternative motorway, with private enterprise funding 50 percent of the cost and recovering the investment through a user toll.

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RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said while the motoring body supported the investigation of an alternative M1, it did not support drivers being charged a toll.

“We’ve been calling for the upgrade of the existing M1 and for government to explore an alternative corridor option to relieve pressure on the current road network,” Mr Turner said.

“However, we’d be disappointed if drivers were charged a toll to use an alternative M1 as it’d mean the road wouldn’t be utilised to its full capacity.

“All levels of government need to acknowledge the M1 alternative as a priority project. With huge growth predicted across the south east region, we must ensure the road network can cope in the years ahead.”