Roads still impassable as Big Wet eases

UPDATE: The worst of the heavy rain has eased but it could take until the weekend for far north Queensland locals to see sunshine.

Flood warnings remained in place for much of the North Tropical Coast between Cooktown and Cairns as days of intense rainfall flowed downstream.

Some areas around Innisfail received more than 500mm of rain in two days which resulted in multiple road closures across the far north Queensland region.

RACQ’s Lauren Ritchie said motorists needed to check the conditions of roads before heading out.

“Roads are being opened and closed throughout the day as the flood waters flow down the region, with flash flooding still a real risk,” Ms Ritchie said.

“We can’t stress enough that the risks aren’t over yet and the dangers of flooded roads still exist.

“It doesn’t matter how tough you think your vehicle is or if you’re sure it’s only a small amount of water – you never know what’s happened to the road beneath. Flood waters can quickly cause large potholes and sections of roads to wash away.

“By driving through floodwater you’re risking your life, the lives of your passengers and the lives of the emergency services who have to come and rescue you.”

Road closures and hazards currently in place in far north Queensland (as of 8:30am 7 February)

Flash Flooding Mossman Mt Molloy Road (Bushy Ck Bridge), Julatten All lanes affected with water over the road at Bushy Creek Bridge
Road Closed due to long-term flooding Peninsula Developmental Road, Coen Water of Archer River Bridge approximately 3.5m
Road Closed due to long-term flooding Burke Developmental Road, Wrotham Water over road at Trimbles Crossing approximately 620mm
Flash Flooding South Jonstone Road, Boogan Water over Vic Sivyer Bridge, South Johnstone Rd
Flash Flooding Mulligan Highway, Rossville All lanes affected with water over road at Little Annan River, approximately 300mm
Flash Flooding Peninsula Devlopmental Road (Mulligan Highway), Desailly Water over McLeod River Bridge approximately 650mm
Hazard: Adverse driving conditions Peninsula Developmental Road, Laura Water over road, Laura River Bridge subject to flash flooding
Hazard: Adverse driving conditions Maitland Road, Gordonvale Water over the road due to heavy rain
Long-term flooding Gregory Developmental Road, Einasleigh / Mount Surprise Road closed to through traffic due to flooding
Long-term flooding Peninsula Developmental Road, Mission River Water over Pax Piel Bridge, Myall Creek. Road closed to all traffic