RACQ hopes Coles switch will lead to lower prices

The State’s peak motoring body has welcomed an announcement by Coles, which has historically been one of the most expensive fuel retailers, that it would reduce fuel prices in a new deal with its supplier Viva Energy.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported under the new deal petrol prices at Coles Express sites were set to fall.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael welcomed the new arrangement and anticipated lower prices.

“The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has previously called out Coles for being among the most expensive retailers, so this is great news for motorists,” Dr Michael said.

“We hope this will increase competition, drive down prices and save drivers money in the long run.”

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Dr Michael encouraged drivers to continue to shop around for the best deals and said it was easier now than ever, to find the best prices.

“Unreasonably high fuel prices are now visible to motorists through the real time fuel price trial and apps like RACQ Fair Fuel Finder,” she said.

“This means fuel companies can no longer rely on convenient and highly visible locations to continue to charge higher than fair prices. Motorists are now empowered to shop around and find cheap fuel, particularly from those smaller brands and independents that aren’t always located in high traffic locations.