Emissions plan will punish new car buyers

The State’s peak motoring body has urged all sides of politics not to punish motorists, after it was reported Federal Labor’s plans to slash emissions could significantly impact the price of new cars.

The Daily Telegraph reported fines for manufacturers of up to $4,000 for each vehicle that didn’t meet the 105g CO2/km emissions standard could be passed on to consumers.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said the Club wanted to see all parties commit to a balanced policy that curbed emissions, and would not dramatically reduce vehicle choice or impose significant cost burdens on consumers.

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“While the penalties look like they’ll cost the manufacturers, the reality is they’ll be passed onto the consumer and will seriously affect motorists’ ability to afford to own and run a car,” Mr Turner said.

“What we’d like to see is an emissions standard that recognises the unique needs and preferences of Australian motorists, as well as the fuel quality available to them.

“Australia’s light vehicle fleet contributes to about 10 percent of Australia’s CO2 and while there are unavoidable costs involved, we support the use of technology-neutral policies that aid the development of a cleaner fleet – via the introduction of a CO2 standard and improved fuel quality standards.”