Remote quad bike crash prompts rescue

A woman, seriously injured during a quad bike crash in a remote forest, has been winched to safety by RACQ CQ Rescue.

The patient, in her 20s, was a passenger on the bike, which was ridden by another woman on a muddy, rutted out track west of Mackay in Mia Mia State Forest.

The incident occurred when the rider attempted to turn the bike around and the front lifted which resulted in the women being flung about 50 metres down a steep embankment next to the track.

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The RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter crew winched down a Critical Care Paramedic and a rescue crewman from about 18 metres overhead to the scene of the accident.

On the ground, the crew descended the steep embankment to where the two injured riders were.

Due to the extent of her pelvic and spinal injuries, and the remote location, the woman was stretchered back to a spot, clear of trees, to where the helicopter hovered overhead, and the patient was winched up into the aircraft. She was airlifted to Mackay Base Hospital.

The other quad bike rider was transported to hospital by ambulance.