Cattle on the road putting NQ drivers at risk RACQ

RACQ has warned motorists in far north Queensland to be vigilant, with cattle on the roadside, attracted by fresh grass, putting drivers in danger.

The Cairns Post reported a dangerous “livestock slalom run” near Cooktown highlighted an influx of animals on the road was causing concern for drivers.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said while collisions involving kangaroos were the source of most insurance claims received each year, crashes involving cows were also common.

“We’ve received insurance claims for 291 crashes involving cattle in the past 12 months across the State,” Ms Ross said.

“Grazing animals are attracted to the side of roads during the dry where there’s green grass available.

“Animals are unpredictable, and we’re urging drivers to show caution if they have to be on the road when risks are increased.

“If you do have to make a split-second decision, remember to brake carefully. Be mindful of your surrounds and aware of both traffic coming towards you and travelling behind.”