Safety fears threaten public transport services

RACQ has urged the State’s leaders to overhaul Queensland’s public transport system after it was revealed 86 percent of commuters feared catching the bus or train would expose them to COVID-19, which could result in cut services.

The Courier Mail reported research from the Tourism and Transport Forum Australia found falls in ridership would force the Government to balance service levels with viability. 

Club Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael applauded the Government for encouraging social distancing and keeping services clean since the start of the pandemic but said more needed to be done. 

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“Commuters all but abandoned public transport during the pandemic and even now they favour taking the car or working from home,” Dr Michael said. 

“Traffic volumes are almost at pre-COVID-19 levels which means people choosing to drive rather than use public transport so we need to do everything we can to encourage them back. 

“We’re in a position of use it or lose it – but we can’t blame people if they don’t want to use public transport because it’s not up to scratch from a safety or reliability viewpoint.

“We need improved travel times, connectivity and plenty of seats on our buses, trains and ferries so people not only feel safe, but can trust they will get to their destination on time.”