Rideshare carpooling means more options for Brisbane commuters: RACQ

The State’s peak motoring body has welcomed a move by a global rideshare company to allow users to share their trip with other customers to decrease the cost of their journey.

The Courier Mail reported DiDi had launched its ‘Share’ option in Brisbane offering fares around 40 percent cheaper to those who pooled with others, prompting concerns commuters could be lured away from public transport.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said the Club supported choice and more affordable transport options. 

“Sharing with other rideshare users could lower the number of single-occupancy car trips and potentially reduce congestion. It may also improve access to affordable transport in areas underserviced by public transport,” Dr Michael said.

“Lack of services, poor timetables and multiple transfers are some of the reasons Brisbane commuters say they don’t use public transport. 

“To ensure public transport can continue to remain competitive, we urge the State Government to fast track efficiency improvements including bus network reform to a trunk-feeder model, where local services feed into a transport hub with high frequency services. 

“They should also trial innovative mobility solutions for first and last mile connections and begin testing alternative pricing models such as weekly caps to incentivise travellers to continue using public transport.”

Dr Michael said the Club called on Brisbane City Council to engage with DiDi to ensure trips didn’t create traffic obstructions and there were safe drop-off and pick-up points for riders.

“Safety for all road users must be a priority, so we strongly recommend Council engages with DiDi to identify and mark pick-up and drop-off points with the striped blue and white barber poles,” she said.

“An awareness campaign about pick-up and drop-off safety should also be rolled out in the community.”