NQ wild weather not over yet

With two major weather systems set to collide in north Queensland, RACQ has warned residents to brace for more heavy rain and flooding.

The Courier Mail reported ex-Tropical Cyclone Imogen was on a collision course with a cold front over the coming weekend, which could bring up to 200 millimetres of rain to already saturated local regions.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said the heaviest falls were predicted between Ayr and Mackay and residents should prepare their families and homes.

“If you haven’t already, now’s the time to talk to your family about your emergency plan,” Ms Ross said.

“Discuss roles and responsibilities, like who’ll pick up the children or pets and where you’ll go if you do need to evacuate. Don’t forget to work out back up options, as circumstances can change quickly and your first plan may not be a possibility.

“You’ll also need an emergency kit, with essential food, water and medical supplies. If you don’t have one already prepared, now’s the time to do it.

“If your car is parked in a low lying area move it somewhere safe, preferably undercover and not under trees. Secure any loose outdoor items like trampolines or furniture, as these could be at risk of blowing away.”

Ms Ross urged Queenslanders to keep across warnings and updates and to listen to emergency services.

“If you do need to leave home, remember to check RACQ Road Conditions before you set off so you can plan a route and avoid any flooded roads. There’s never a safe time to drive through flood water so if it’s flooded, forget it.”