Extra RACQ support arrives in Townsville

As those in the flood impact zone took stock of the damage, a team of RACQ staff has arrived in Townsville to help with the recovery, and to assist members who would lodge insurance claims.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said 10 vehicles, including the Club’s Mobile Member Centre, had arrived to support the existing RACQ services in the city.

“Our MMC is a fully self-contained RACQ ‘branch on wheels’ and it’s now set up to be a hub for our members in Townsville,” Ms Ross said.

“We’ve parked it at the Murray Sports Complex recovery centre so our members can come and see us when they’re ready to kick-start their insurance claim with our team.

“There’s also a representative from the Master Electricians Association who will be able to provide safety information to members and information about when power will be restored to your address.

“It’s open to anyone in the community who wants to visit, whether it’s to charge their mobile phone, or have a cuppa and a chat.”

Ms Ross said the Club had also sent four extra Roadside Assistance patrol vehicles, four tow trucks and another support vehicle to the disaster zone.

“We’ve bolstered our on-ground support because we know there’ll be plenty of people needing our help in the days and weeks to come,” she said.

“This flood is devastating for the community – some residents still can’t get to their properties because of flood waters, mud and debris, while others are affected by lack of access to essential services.

“We want Townsville to know we’re here to support you.”

The MMC, manned by insurance claim and bank staff, would open seven days per week while it was located at the Murray Sports Complex, between 8am and 5pm.