Road workers = miracle workers

There’s no denying the devastating effect Queensland’s big wet has had on our road network.

We’ve seen road slippage, potholes, debris. Entire sections of road cut off and destroyed.

Repair works are tipped to take months and motorists have been asked to be patient as Queensland rebuilds.

But there are already stories of fast-tracked work being completed and motorists back on their way.

The Queensland Times reports local residents had been warned Karrabin-Rosewood Road at Campbell’s Gully would likely remain closed for one month due to extensive damage caused by flooding.

But the community rallied, and as a result the State Government rushed in 44 people to re-surface the road. Remarkably, it was reopened after just 48 hours.

Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey congratulated the team, who worked around the clock to get the job done.

“I want to thank the crews for working so hard,” Minister Bailey said.

For the latest closures, head to RACQ’s road conditions website.