My Money My Transport: Queenslanders have say on tax spending

The State’s peak motoring body has joined forces with the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) and urged politicians to commit to better, safer roads this Federal Election.

It comes as AAA, of which RACQ is a member, launched its My Money My Transport campaign which focused on giving Australians a say about where and how their taxes should be spent.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said the Club urged Queenslanders to participate in the campaign by nominating solutions to key problems and lobby their local leaders with the click of a button.

“It’s an easy way to voice your opinion and be heard by the people who you vote for to represent you and your community,” Mr Turner said.

“Last year, 250 people were killed on our State’s roads in preventable crashes – these had devastating flow-on effects for their loved ones. We want to make sure they, and every other Queenslander, is safe on the road – but we need our leaders to do so too.”

AAA CEO Michael Bradley said, as the Federal Election approached, politicians needed to be reminded how much Australians value good transport.

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“Australian transport users bring plenty of money to the table,” Mr Bradley said.

“Transport costs are rising at twice the rate of inflation, our roads have never been more congested and about 100 people die on Australian roads every month.

“Our transport system isn’t keeping up with growing demand, and our economy and quality of life are suffering as a result.”

Queenslanders could participate in the My Money My Transport campaign on RACQ’s website.

A full list of RACQ’s priority projects and policies could be viewed in its Queensland Matters report.