Free parking isn’t a free pass: RACQ

RACQ has warned Brisbane motorists not to take advantage of relaxed parking guidelines, after reports of drivers parking unsafely.

Brisbane Times reported some drivers had parked in bus stops, loading and clearway zones, since free on street parking was introduced to ease pressure of COVID-19 for city workers.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said while it was great essential workers could now park for free, motorists still needed do the right thing and follow the rules.

“Parking in bus stops and loading zones because it’s convenient is not on,” Ms Smith said.

“Parking legally is crucial to ensuring traffic can flow smoothly and safely, and emergency and other critical services can get to where they need to go. 

“Many essential workers are still catching the bus, and if you’re parked in a bus zone, the bus can’t stop.

“If you’re parked illegally, you’re not only risking a fine but the safety of others as well.”