Dobbing driver's dangerous behaviour

A motorist who was shamed by police after he dobbed on another driver’s behaviour, has prompted a safety warning from RACQ about the dangers of using a phone while behind the wheel. reported a Victorian driver shared a photo on social media and asked police if the behaviour in the photo was illegal. Police were quick to reply and pointed out using a phone while driving was illegal.

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said it was an important reminder for all drivers that there was never a good reason to whip out a phone while driving.

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“We can’t stress enough how dangerous it is – if you’re distracted by a phone, you’re much more likely to have a crash,” Ms Hunter said.

“There’s never a safe time to use your phone while driving and if you need to report dangerous behaviour on the road, you need to make sure you wait until you’ve found a safe place to pull over.

“Distracted driving is one of the Fatal Five and every second you’re not concentrating you’re risking your own life and the lives of everyone around you.”