Fears for the highest road toll in decade

RACQ has pleaded with motorists to slow down and drive safely ahead of Christmas as the road toll continued to soar, with the State at risk of recording the highest number of fatalities in 10 years.

The Courier Mail reported deaths in the south eastern police region alone had increased by 140 percent and by 40 percent in the central region, compared to last year.

Club spokesperson Clare Hunter said 256 lives had already been lost on Queensland roads this year, compared to 209 at the same time last year.

“The majority of crashes are due to human error and therefore avoidable. That means these tragedies could have been prevented if motorist behaviour had been different,” Ms Hunter said.

“Crashes destroy the lives of so many people, not just those who are in the vehicles at the time. Whether they result in a serious injury or tragedy - friends, family, emergency services and the wider community feel the devastating impacts each and every time.

“We’re pleading with everyone hitting the road this holiday period to think about their actions and take road safety seriously.

“Don’t become frustrated and make bad choices, pack your patience and do the simple things right like focusing on the road, sticking to the speed limit, wearing seatbelts and not driving drunk, tired or distracted.

“We want everyone to make it home to celebrate Christmas with their family.”