Public transport fares to rise across south east

The cost of taking a bus, train or ferry is set to increase in south east Queensland.

Brisbane Times reported from 22 January, public transport fares would increase by between five cents and 12 cents per trip based on the Brisbane Consumer Price Index.

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TransLink Deputy Director General Matthew Longland said the 1.5 percent increase reflected the increased cost of providing transport services, such as driver and support staff wages, fuel and vehicle costs.

“Even with the modest CPI rise, fares in Queensland will still be cheaper than they were in 2014,” Mr Longland said.

“The cost of a one-zone adult Go Card journey will increase by five cents to $3.25.

“A four-zone journey would increase by 12 cents to $7.97.”

In December 2016, the introduction of the State Government’s Fairer Fares program saw public transport fares slashed by an average of 45 cents per trip.