Far north Qld stung in 2018 with petrol price hikes

A new report by the State’s peak motoring body has revealed north Queensland drivers were slugged up to 16 cents per litre (cpl) more at the bowser in 2018, than they were the previous year.

The Club’s Annual Fuel Price Report Summary found the average price of unleaded petrol (ULP) in Townsville reached 148.7cpl in 2018, up from 132cpl in 2017, while Cairns drivers, at 149.1cpl, paid 9.1cpl more.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said of the 30 regional Queensland areas monitored by the Club, 25 set new record highs for ULP.

“In addition to our major cities in the far north, inland hubs like Atherton, Ingham, Innisfail, Mareeba and Tully also hit the mid-dollar-sixties in October,” Ms Ross said.

“Thankfully, since the October highs, we’ve seen global prices fall by more than 30 percent, which has brought some hip pocket relief at the bowser.”

Ms Ross said the Club was pleased average indicative retail margins had dropped in some areas since 2017 – a sign some retailers had passed on savings to motorists.

“In Cairns, we saw retail margins drop significantly, from 19.4cpl in 2017 down to 13.9cpl last year,” she said.

“Unfortunately, it’s a different story in Townsville where margins actually rose from 11.1cpl in 2017, up to 13.1cpl.

Ms Ross said with the Queensland Government’s fuel price reporting trial now in effect, the Club hoped to see a more competitive market in 2019.

“We urge everyone to download our Fair Fuel Finder app and to make sure they’re filling up at the cheapest retailers – that’s going to be the best way to drive competition and drive down prices.”

RACQ’s Summary of the Annual Fuel Price Report could be viewed on RACQ’s website.