Safety warning for Uber Pet users

RACQ has reminded pet owners keen to use the new Uber Pets ridesharing feature about the importance of properly restraining animals in a car.

The Courier Mail reported any domestic animal could travel using the ridesharing app at an additional fee at the driver’s discretion from Tuesday.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said whether you were using a rideshare service or your own personal vehicle, it was crucial all pets travelled in a safe manner.

“While the road rules in Queensland don’t specifically require you to restrain your animal inside a car, it is illegal to drive with one on your lap,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Unrestrained pets can become a distraction and could risk the driver being fined for not having proper control of a motor vehicle, not to mention increase the chance of a crash. 

“We recommend restraining pets either in a carrier or with a harness, as they can become seriously injured if involved in a crash.

“Animals also shouldn’t travel in the front seat as the airbag could badly injure or even kill them if there was a crash.”