Hoon clocked at 120km/h in school zone

RACQ has renewed calls for motorists to slow down around schools, after reports a driver clocked 80km/h over the speed limit in a Mackay school zone.

According to the Daily Mercury, police were alerted to a driver travelling 120km/h through a 40km/h zone, but failed to catch up with the vehicle.

RACQ’s Joel Tucker said if this driver was caught he or she would have faced a Type 2 Hooning offence which carried a fine of at least $1137, eight demerit points and a licence suspension of six months.

According to statistics released to RACQ by the Department of Transport and Main Roads, more than 28,000 drivers and riders were caught exceeding the speed limit in school zones last year in Queensland.

“The number of people who are doing the wrong thing on our roads around schools is alarming, school zones are already enough of a danger to kids as it is,” Mr Tucker said.

“Safety has to be the number one priority around schools and we’re urging all drivers to make sure they obey the speed limits.”

Mr Tucker said Brisbane has been named the worst region in Queensland for speeding through school zones, representing more than a third of the fines handed out.

“It’s disappointing to see so many motorists going over the speed limit, especially as these are only the ones who have been caught,” he said.

“Although Brisbane is the worst offender, this is a State-wide issue that needs serious attention.”

RACQ is reminding drivers the reduced 40km/h school zones take effect from 7-9am and 2-4pm weekdays, unless otherwise signed.