Central Qld motorists feel petrol price pain: RACQ

Drivers in central Queensland were charged some of the highest fuel prices in the State last month, according to RACQ’s latest fuel report.

May figures showed motorists in Blackwater, Emerald, Yeppoon and Rockhampton had been charged on average 144.4 cents per litre (cpl), 142.9cpl, 139.9cpl, 139.2cpl respectively for unleaded petrol (ULP).

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said drivers had been taken for a ride.

“We saw servos in places like Blackwater and Emerald charging much more for ULP than those in other regional Queensland towns like Miles, Bundaberg and Maryborough, and there’s no good reason for it,” Ms Smith said.

Ms Smith said extraordinarily high indicative retail margins added further insult to motorists.

“Blackwater service stations sold ULP with an average indicative retail margin of 22.8cpl, that’s almost 10 times the retail margin taken in Miles (2.3cpl),” she said.

Ms Smith said conclusions drawn by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) study into the Cairns petrol market could be applied locally.

“The ACCC found service stations in Cairns were making profits 38 percent higher than the national average due to weak competition,” she said.

“We can draw similar conclusions in central Queensland where competition is poor. Motorists need to support cheaper servos to help drive down prices.”

RACQ’s monthly fuel price report can be viewed on the RACQ website.

Location Average ULP price Indicative ULP retail margin
Blackwater 144.4cpl 22.8cpl
Emerald 142.9cpl 20.6cpl
Yeppoon 139.9cpl 19.7cpl
Rockhampton 139.2cpl 19.4cpl