5 signs your car battery is about to die

All car owners know batteries may fail, and usually it will happen at the worst possible time. Here are five warning signs of impending failure.

1. The engine cranks slowly or seems to run out of ‘puff’

This could simply be the result of a discharged battery, but it may also be an indication that the battery is on its last legs. Batteries wear out gradually so the problem may not become obvious until it’s near the end of its life.

2. The engine won’t crank

This symptom is usually an indicator of a battery fault. But other things to consider are dirty battery terminals, lights left on, or mechanical or electrical system faults.  The battery needs to be tested and if necessary replaced.

3.  You need to jump start the car regularly

Again, this is a common indicator of a battery fault.  But it could also relate to a fault in the charging or starting system. Only proper testing can will identify the underlying problem.

4.  The battery needs regular recharging

The car could have some sort of electrical issue that drains or prevents full recharge of the battery.  Or, more likely you aren’t driving it enough.  Short trips are hard on batteries as they don’t have enough time to recharge between starts.  A regular top up with a battery charger will help extend battery life if this is the case.

5.  The battery is leaking

Replace it immediately.  Battery acid can cause extensive damage and it needs to be neutralised quickly to stop it attacking the metal components of the car.

If you’re stuck, or would prefer to have the job done for you, call us on 13 1905. Our mobile car battery replacement team can get to most areas of Queensland usually within the hour, and the great news for RACQ members with roadside assistance is delivery and installation is included.